Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Tuesday Night Class

We had another packed class tonight, I'm glad everyone is really fired up about training! For today's technique Cobrinha showed a counter to the Sit-Up-Guard

Jeff has the Sit-Up Guard on Cobrinha. This is a very offensive guard, Jeff has Cobrinha's arm and leg trapped and can set up a number of sweeps from this position. To set up his counter Cobrinha controls Jeff's leg and the back of the neck.

Cobrinha pulls Jeff towads him and pushes down on the leg to release his knee

With his leg free Cobrinha can step over Jeff's leg and he uses his grip on the collar to turn Jeff and put his back on the floor. In this position Cobrinha has Jeff's right leg pinned and his left arm trapped between his thigh and calf

From this point Cobrinha can set up his attack, he feeds his right hand (palm up) deep into Jeff's collar then breaks Jeff's grip on his sleeve. With his right hand trapped Jeff can't hold on to Cobrinha's sleeve

Once his Arm is free Cobrinha grabs Jeff's other collar (palm up).

To apply pressure to the choke Cobrinha turns his wrists, pulls his elbows to his hips and drives his weight forward

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