Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Wednesday Night's Class

We had another full house Wednesday Night. With Cobrinha out of town Jacare has been running the classes and has been drilling us on the fundamentals.
Tonights technique focused on escaping the back into half guard then reversing the situation and coming on top.

Jacare starts the technique with Kevin on his back. It is important to note that Jacare is protecting his neck by controlling Kevin's choking arm and looking in towards the elbow.

To begin his escape Jacare posts on his his right foot and moves towards his left. He keeps the foot posted so Kevin can't throw him to the other side

Once on the side, Jacare steps over Kevin's left leg and works to put his shoulders on the floor. Jacare is careful to trap Kevin's leg underneath his body so Kevin can't throw him to the other side... Notice a theme?

Once Kevin realizes he is about to loose the back he tries to come on top and Mount. When Jacare feels Kevin move, he forces Kevin's leg in between his and swims his Right arm inside to trap Kevin in the half guard.

With the position secured, Jacare sets up his sweep. Jacare controls Kevin's belt with his right hand and Kevin's knee with his left. Jacare moves his hips forward getting Kevin to shift his weight back

When Jacare feels Kevin leaning back he rolls back to the otherside and comes on top.

Once on top Jacare traps Kevin's leg in between his to avoid being triangled

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