Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Apoio Terere-HELP TERERE

Fans or friends of Fernando Augosto known to all as TERERE. Terere was one of BJJs most influential competitors as well as the most entertaining.

Terere grew up in the slums of Cantagalo in Rio De Janeiro and studied Jiu-jitsu under famed professors Alexandre Paiva of the Alliance Team. Terere received his black belt in 2000 and his amazing legacy began with some of the worlds most amazing matches in BJJ history! One would only have to watch Mundials 2004 to understand that statement.

Unfortunately in 2004 Terere was incarcerated while coming home from a trip to the United States. Having no money the members of the BJJ community, comprised of his true friends and fans, grouped together to pay to get Terere a lawyer and have him released from prison.

After aproximately 3 months in prison, he was released and returned to Brazil.

Since than Terere has had so many ups and downs outside of the tatame and has made a couple attempts to return to competition, but everyone can see that he is still a shadow of his former self.

Recently Tereres family announced that they were in desperate need to help him by sending him to a private health clinic to help battle his depression and illness he now faces. Team mate and world famous Grappler MARCELO GARCIA has created a fund where people can send moneys to, which Marcelo will in turn send to Tereres family in order to help them put him in a proper clinic. Also, FIGHT PLANET will be selling t-shirts with TEREREs picture that says "VOLTA TERERE" which means "Come Back Terere". All of the profits from the t-shirts will be sent to the same fund made by Marcelo Garcia as well.

If you are a fan of TERERE, a fan of Jiu-jitsu, please help this cause. Even if you cannot afford to help out with a donation of purchase of a t-shirt, please let others know about whats happening. I will be posting all updates here for everyone to see.
Thank You

-Whoop TERERE!!!

Contact Info

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

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