Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Beginner Class Recap

The Beginner's Class is were we focus on self defense. This is an awesome class for anyone getting started or some of the higher belts that want to get a refresher on the fundamentals and self defense.
Today's self defense technique was the Guillotine defense.
Note: Jacare is caught in Daren's Guillotine, he immediately brings his left hand up to defend his neck and turns his chin into Daren's stomach to relieve the pressure.
With his right arm Jacare reaches over Daren's shoulder and drives his weight forward. This forward pressure drives Jacare's shoulder into Daren's neck making him very uncomfortable and keeping Jacare's neck relativly safe. From here Jacare can wait out the attack or begining working on Daren's grip with his left arm and release his head

Parent Participation Week for Alliance Kids

Special thanks to Steve Foster and Brian O'Hara for getting involved in our kids classes, for more info on Parent Participation please visit the Alliance Kids Blog

Tuesday Lunch Class Recap

- Today started with Jacare's yoga-ish warm-ups. It was refreshing.

- Today we covered three different submissions from the closed guard, all of which can be chained together.

- The first submission covered was the straight armbar from the closed guard. To start the move you grab the wrist of the top man with your opposite hand, and grab his elbow with your other hand, shifting your hips out to the side.

- At this point you post your foot on your opponent's hips in order to create the proper angle. You continue to move your hips up towards the shoulder of the arm you are attacking, and your shoulders towards the top man's hips.

- To finish the move you take your trailing leg and place it over your opponent's head. You squeeze down with the calves, and press up with the heels.

- If your opponent pulls out his arm being submitted you can immediately spin for the Omaplata. You do this by driving your hips back over your opponent's shoulders. Should your opponent spin into the Omaplata you can immediately go to the triangle.

Monday, June 29, 2009

7:30pm Class Recap

Welcome back, hope everyone had a good weekend and is ready for a solid week of training!
Today's technique was based around side control and what you do when the guy on bottom tries to bridge and come on top.
From this picture you can see Ian has his left arm under Jamanta's right armpit. Ian's intention is to use this position to bridge Jamanta over and come on top.

Anticipating Ian's movement, Jamanta traps Ian's left arm at the elbow, switches his hips and baits Ian by giving him room to come on top (Key thing here is to bait them, not to give away your intentions by leaving to much space or pulling them on top of you). As Ian bridges to come on top Jamanta shifts his hips back and steps his right leg over as if mounting.

Once on top Jamanta places his right foot high on Ian's back and squeses his knee to put pressure on Ian's shoulder. *The higher he places his foot the more pressure will be applied on Ian's shoulder*

It is important to not that the pressure can be switched to the elbow joint by turning your hips behind the elbow turning it into a straight armlock

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Saturday Class Recap

Saturday classes are always fun with a good mix of out of town guests, guys that usually train in the evening joining the regular morning crew. We started the class with some light takedowns, techniques on the ground, situational sparing and regular training.
Today's techniques were based around the Knee-Through pass. To try defend the pass Jacare brought his left shin across Cobrinha's stomach. To counter this dedence Cobrinha uses this pass:
Say you are passing with your right knee trapping his right leg (not on the floor in half) and his left shin is across your stomach.
1. Slide your right hand between his legs and grab the top of his right pant leg at the knee, when you do this make sure you don't trap your own leg in the process.
2. With your left hand grab his right lapel and pull his upper body towards you
3. At the same time slide your knee out (slide backwards over his shin) and put downward pressure with your right shoulder on his left leg to kill his hips
4. When you get your knee out and your hip to the floor, maintain the pressure with your hands and walk up towards his head
5.Once you clear his legs turn your hips to face him, put your head on his chest and lift his legs up with your right hand (Should still be holding the bottom leg)and walk you right knee under his legs so he can't recompose
6. Left hand goes around the head to complete the pass

Happy 4th Of July!

There will be no classes on Saturday the 4th of July to celebrate the US Inderpendence. We will still be following the regular schedule for the rest of the week so try come in an extra day to make up for the extra beer you will be consuming over the weekend

Friday, June 26, 2009

Friday Lunch Class

The noon class today was very productive. We covered the Anaconda choke from sprawling off of your opponent's double leg take-down.
To perform this technique to your left side. You drive your right arm to the left side of your opponent's neck. You grab his right armpit. You then place your left hand on the right side of the opponent's back. You then grab your left bicep with your right hand driving your left elbow into the opponent's right elbow. You then roll to your left applying pressure.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Noon Class Recap

Today's technique was an addition to what was shown last night.

Starting in side control, Clinton has a very defensive posture with his arms tucked in. Jacare is controlling the position by grabbing Clinton's shoulder and driving his right shoulder into Clinton's jaw

To begin the attack, Jacare drives his weight forward applying more pressure with his shoulder forcing Clinton to turn and expose his arm.
To trap Clinton's left arm, Jacare feeds his left arm under Clinton's and grabs his own collar. With his right hand Jacare grabs Clinton's left wrist, then releases his collar and graps his own wrist (Kimora Grip)

Jacare slides his left leg up against Clinton's back, releases his right arm from around Clinton's head and steps over with his right leg

As Jacare sits back he brings his left knee up into Clinton's armpit to trap his arm.
To finish the armbar Jacare sits back, squezes his knees and raises his hips

Jacare Interwiew in Gracie Mag

Jacare assesses our performance at this years Mundial in Long Beach, CA. Follow the link to check out his interview

Also check out our official website for the news from the camp and results from the Mundial:

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

7:30pm Class Recap

Today was the first day of our new GI and NO-GI schedule, well done to all the guys that remembered and the rest of you need to read the blog for all the info on the classes :)

Today's class focused on transitioning to the back from side control. From the traditional head and arm control Cobrin switches his hips and exposes Jacare's arm, with his right hand Cobrinha pushes Jacare's elbow across his body forcing him to give up his back. Cobrinha swiches to seatbelt grip and throws his top hook and pull Jacare to the otherside of his body to get the second hook. Cobrinha open Jacare's collar and begins to attack the neck, it would be difficult for Cobrinha to finish the choke at this angle with his left leg he puts pressure on Jacare's hip and pulls him to the other side.

Once on this side, Cobrinha releases the bottom hook, jumps his knee behind Jacare's head and pulls Jacare onto his lap. This new position increases the pressure of the choke and Jacare is forced to tap

Beginner Class Recap

For today's beginners class Jacare focused on standing and then passing the guard

Today's technique was passing with double unders. Once the guard has been opened Marc swam both hands inside Justin's legs and locked them around Justin's waist. Marc used his right hand to grab Justin's right lapel and closed his elbow at the hip, Marc drives his weight forward pressing Justin's left knee to his chin. As Marc moves around to pass he grabs the back of Justin's pants to apply more pressure forcing Justin to let him pass

Congratz Sergio!!!

Alliance Black Belt Sergio Moraes recently fought in the BFC 12 MMA Event. It didn't take long for Sergio to assert himself and get the fight to the ground where his world class BJJ skills allowed him to quickly attain the mount and finish his opponent via triangle.
To view the full fight please follow the link

Tuesday Lunch Class

Today Cobrinha went over two guard passes for your opponent's open guard, from a standing position. With downward pressure on your opponent's hips grab his belt and the outside of his pant leg. Press down through his hips. Then you take the leg your are gripping to the outside of your body ending up in side control. The key detail being always maintaining positive control of your opponent's hips.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Monday's Lunch Class

Great class today. We went over the double under-hook guard pass. Cobrinha showed some very intersting details.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Friday night training

Good training guys! I will have you in shape by the time Chris gets back.
Tonight's technique-Cobrinha guard pass from butterfly, then take the back if the opponent turns to turtle

7:30 Class Recap

Since the Mundials the classes have been a lot more laid back, last night was more of the same. After a quick warm up and some movement drills we moved into the technique portion of the class then right into the training.
A few quick reminders for everyone:
1. The guys that placed at the Worlds please bring your medals and "Fight Planet" T-shirt for pictures tomorrow
2. We are going to be doing more No-GI so please start packing both your GI and No-GI stuff.

In the technique portion of the class we focused on passing the inverted Guard. In the picture you can see Cobrinha demonstrating how to pass this annoying Guard. To counter Cobrinha's knee through Macarrao brings his left leg over Cobrinha's head and tries to roll onto his sholders. As he brings his leg across Cobrinha grabs Macarrao's left anke, pulls it across his body and forces it to the floor. With his right hand Cobrinha places downward pressure on Macarrao's left sholder keeping his back flat on the mat. Once Macarrao is imobolized Cobrinha kicks his leg back and passes to his right.

Chris and Sully seem to be enjoying this technique way to much

Beginners Class Recap

As usual Jacare likes to focus on self defense for the beginner classes, work some techniques on the ground and finish up with some conditioning. This class is a great place the beginners to start developing their game and for some of the upperbelts to brush up on the basics and self-defence

Last night he opened the technique portion of the class with timing your shot on when your opponent is throwing a punch.

After the techniques its always nice to work out some agression! Knee strikes are always popular

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Nice image

Tough Night For Mark

Last nights class was a little rough for Mark, his armpit paid the price!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

First post again!! Guys who went to the worlds, make sure you bring you alliance t-shirts and medals Saturday for pictures

2009 World Champs

After months of hard training and an intense training camp we retained our our title as the number 1 team in the world!

Special thanks to Jacare and Fabio for all their hard work keeping us focused and proving that hard work and dedication pays off!
Post a comment on todays class!