Monday, September 14, 2009

Monday Lunch Class

Today for warm ups we did takedown drills.

Warm ups where followed by the Gi section drilling a guard pass:

- Jacare is in Eric's open guard. Jacare grabs the lapel and pulls it towards him. He also pushes down on Eric's knee driving it through his legs. Jacare has his right foot close to Eric's butt. Jacare has his right elbow blocking Eric's leg.

- Jacare drives his right knee over Eric's right leg and keeps his weight low so Eric can not get his left leg through.

- Jacare drives his right elbow into Eric's right armpit and prepares to drive his shin down Eric's left leg. Jacare grabs Eric's right arm and pulls up.

- Jacare pushes his right leg down Eric's and pulls up with his left hand. Jacare now has his leg cleared.

- Jacare walks his legs back towards Eric's and establishes side control.

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