Thursday, September 30, 2010

Fabio Interview with Inside BJJ


Inside BJJ
Tell the readers of Inside BJJ how you got started in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Why did you start training Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu? How old were you? What motivated you to stick with it?
Fabio Gurgel
I started Jiu-Jitsu when I was 13. A friend of mine, actually he was my sister’s boyfriend and blue belt under Carlos Gracie Jr, encouraged me to start and learn Jiu-Jitsu. I began in a very small academy close to my school with Prof Toninho. Coincidentally, he was the first professor of my master, Jacaré, as well, where I moved after Toninho closed the academy 10 months after I started. As soon I learned the first fundamentals, I got completely hooked and knew that Jiu-Jitsu was the thing I would do for living and forever.
Inside BJJ
In 1993, you, Romero “Jacaré” Calvacanti, and Alexandre Pavia started the “Alliance Jiu-Jitsu” team. What prompted the three of you to start the Alliance team? What challenges did you face when you started the team?
Fabio Gurgel
We were the first group that merged schools to get bigger and stronger with an organization that could provide our athletes and students better support. The idea came out because our students started to fight against each other in tournaments which didn’t make sense because we trained together everyday. We were a family, so we built our team to fight against the others and not inside our house.
Inside BJJ
You competed in one of the earlier UFC’s at UFC 11 against Jerry Bohlander. At the time, Bohlander was considered an experienced MMA fighter. You lost the match by decision. What was it like to fight in the UFC back then compared to what we see now?
Fabio Gurgel
The UFC was a nice experience for me as a fighter, but it wasn’t a real job for me. Back then, I fought to prove that Jiu-Jitsu was the best and most effective form of martial arts. Nowadays, the show is simply amazing, and the sport is all over the globe. I’m glad to be part of it.
Inside BJJ
Some incredibly talented black belts have come from the Alliance team. Is there a key to building successful black belts? As one of the leaders of Alliance, what is your role in the development of your students from white to black belt? What are the biggest challenges?
Fabio Gurgel
You don’t make good athletes without passion and love for what you are doing. If there is a secret, there it is. White belts are not less important for us at Alliance. All the students have the same attention and dedication. The biggest challenge is supporting our affiliates to keep them on the same page and moving forward with the team. The stronger we are the more support we should provide.
Inside BJJ
In your opinion, what is the most difficult belt?
Fabio Gurgel
For sure the black because it is the longest one. When you get there, you must understand that you don’t know anything. You should keep learning for the rest of your days.
Inside BJJ
In 2001 at the Pan Ams, you lost to Margarida, a former student. Can you describe what it’s like to train a student and then end up competing against him?
Fabio Gurgel
He was my student for a very short time. I didn’t have a special feeling when we fought and I still don’t. He was a good athlete. That’s all.
Inside BJJ
In terms of developing students, the Brasa team came from Alliance. Brasa has produced some of the best BJJ competitors as well. What was it like when the team split in 2002? Was the main issue over the athletes getting paid by the tournaments? Do you believe the athletes should be paid for winning the prestigious tournaments like Pan Ams, Brazilian Nationals and the Worlds?
Fabio Gurgel
After a while, I realized it was a valuable lesson for me. I learned a lot from my mistakes and how to handle these types of situations that are very common in the Jiu-Jitsu world. We built Alliance again from the ashes as a much stronger, united, and motivated team knowing exactly who we are and where we want to go.
The main issue was not the money. This was just the top of the iceberg. All the guys that moved out had their own reason, but they thought that together they could put me against the wall and force me to do what they wanted. They couldn’t.
I believe that money will come to the sport soon but not in the way that people think. IBJJF is an organization to promote the sport and create the idols. Something else should be organized to make the sport professional. It will be above the IBJJF, and they can work together to promote the show where the stars of course will make the money. I don’t believe in money that comes from someone’s pocket. It is not sustainable. The event itself should be able to pay the fighters.
Inside BJJ
Sergio Moraes became a big start in the BJJ community when he finished Krohn Gracie on his way to winning the World’s Championship in 2008. What other new guys from Alliance should the fans look out for in the future tournaments?
Fabio Gurgel
We have a group of guys training very hard everyday here in Sao Paulo and a lot more in our schools all over the world. It is very hard to point someone out instead the others. Keep your eyes open because for sure some of our brown belts are almost ready to show up at the main division and make some noise over there!
Inside BJJ
You are still a successful competitor. Does competition change as you get older? Has it changed it for you?
Fabio Gurgel
Of course it changes. It become harder! The real issue is not that it is harder. Jiu-Jitsu has developed a lot in the last few years but that has not been a problem for me I train everyday with my guys at the gym. Nowadays, I have many things to take care of and that makes my day tough. Competition is in my blood. Perhaps, I will show up a few more times on the mats.
Inside BJJ
What’s next for you? Is there anything you’d like to mention that you’re working on? Is there anything you like to mention that Alliance has coming up?
Fabio Gurgel
We are working very hard at Alliance to keep our team on top; not just in competition, but to promote Jiu-Jitsu all over the world in a good way, support our schools, and receive people that want to visit us here in Brazil through our “Alliance exchange program.” Alliance is doing seminars with all of our stars, and if you want to host one of them, please don’t hesitate in contact us. It will be a great pleasure to send one of our top black belts to roll with you. Thanks for the kind interview. It was a pleasure talk to Inside BJJ readers

If anyone in interested in Seminar info or wants to host anyone of our Black Belts for an extended period you may contact us for more info

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Marcelo Garcia vs Andre Arvloski

This video was shot earlier this year. It features Alliance Black Belt Marcelo Garcia training with UFC veteran and Sambo expert Andre Arvloski.

Enjoy! - Elite Submission Grappling Training

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Graciemag Article: Alliance @ the Brazilian Team Nationals

Alliance’s celebrations at the Tijuca Tennis Club

by Carlos Eduardo Ozório — September 28, 2010.

Alliance had another great performance with its heavy black belt team at last weekend’s Brazilian Team Nationals.
First, the students of Fabio Gurgel and Alexandre Paiva beat GFTeam’s B team. Rafael Bettega got an armbar submission, Bernardo Faria went part João Gabriel on points and Antonio Peinado got a chokehold finish.
Then, against Gordo-Evolve, Fabio Romão submitted Pedro Borges with a wrist lock, while Fabiano “Boi” Souza caught Renan Vital with a kneebar. As Roberto Gordo’s team only had four athletes, they were automatically eliminated.
In the big decider, against GFTeam’s team A, Peinado opened the scoring with an armbar on Vitor Henrique and Bernardo Faria used a triangle to put away Ricardo Evangelista. Rodolfo Vieira tried to rain on the parade with a choke on Bettega, but Fabiano Boi submitted Vinícius Marinho with another kneebar and secured the title for Alliance’s second time.
“Everyone trained hard for this title,” said a Bernardo Faria in celebration.
“This is one of the coolest championships to compete at because it’s not an individual thing. It involves the union of the entire group,” said Peinado in summary.

Check out Alliance’s celebrations and what the standouts had to say in the video below: - World's best Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Submission Grappling Team

More puppy pics

Challenge issued and accepted,This one's from Faron Sinnicks our Insttructor at Alliance Arctic Jiu Jitsu in Yellowknife. 
Farron, I feel bad for General, you guys were reporting days with -38 degrees Celsius, I hope he gets a jacket in the winter. 

Email from Farron:

I taught I would send two picture of my ‘BIG’ puppy, his name is “General”

The  first picture is a recent one and will the other picture is when he was a little guy. I hope you enjoy, see you soon.

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Gi Donation!

Bring your old (not ripped) gis to the school! Professor Jacare is sending all the gis we can collect to underprivileged kids in the slums of Brazil.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Shereen Fons wins big at Grapplers Quest

Big congratz to Shereen Fons who brought home 3 medals (2 golds and a silver) and the Open Weight Championship Belt.

Awesome job Shereen, you always make us proud :) for world class Jiu Jitsu and Submission Grappling

Huge Noon Class!

Come and bring a new friend.

Talk to Clinton or Jordon about how to get a free private lesson! It's easy! I Promise!

A Fighter and His Heavy Bag: Rekindling an Old Relationship

Franjinha Black Belt, Adam, recently wrote a great article about using heavy bags:

In the traditional image of the heavy bag, it hangs from a chain attached to the ceiling of a dingy boxing club. In this setting, its use is limited to being the recipient of numerous punches and, in some cases, kicks. However, for the creative mind of an imaginative grappler or MMA fighter the heavy bag has so much more to offer.

By thinking outside the box, the heavy bag can offer almost limitless options for workouts that improve technique and conditioning. The first thing to do is remove the heavy bag from its hanging gallows. Second, put it on the ground and get creative.

Grappling/MMA Drills: No training partner, no problem!
Drill 1: Mount the heavy bag and drill the hip movements of an arm bar from mount (place your hands on the bag and swing your hips around like you were attacking an arm).

Drill 2: Establish knee on stomach position and fire off two punches. Then, place your hands on the bag, and explode to knee on stomach position on the opposite side of the bag and slam another two punches into the bag. Repeat back and forth for time or reps. This drill will ground and pound your way to smoother ground control.

Drill 3: Establish mount position, then break your hips and transition to side mount. After which you break your hips again and move into north/south position. Keep maneuvering around the bag (occasionally alternating directions) and, over time, you will find an improvement in your hip mobility (crucial for success in any kind of grappling…and in various courting rituals).

Conditioning Drills: Pick the bag up and get to work!
Drill 1: Grab the bag in a bear hug/body lock and start squeezing. Focus on constricting your pressure around the bag. This will increase the isometric strength which is crucial for submissions and control positions. This exercise should be done for time.

Drill 2: Wrap the bag in a body lock and, with a good back arch, throw the bag over your head. Sprint to where the bag lands and repeat! Keep trying to beat the distance of the last throw and watch your throws become more explosive.

When it comes to heavy bag training all that is required is a creative mind (in my first apartment, my roommate and I used our heavy bag as a coffee table) and a good work ethic.

Equipe (Team) Championship Results

From Fabio's Facebook:Equipe campeã faixa preta pesado
Ainda vencemos duas na azul(médio e pesado) e roxa médio
Parabéns a todos que representam a Águia essa vitoria é de todos nós!!!

Translated: Team Champion of the black belt heavyweights. We also won two at blue belt middle weight and heavyweight. And purple middle weight. Congratulations to everyone who represented the eagle. This victory belongs to all of us.

7 am Class

Very big class today. Come train! number 1 in Atlanta for Submission Grappling and BJJ

Monday, September 27, 2010

Congratz Paul Kline!

Big congratz to Paul Kline who received his blue belt tonight, well deserved! number 1 in Atlanta for Submission Grappling and BJJ

Are you proud of your pet?

The puppy pics keep rolling in
Here is one from Preston Smith, he has issued a challenge to anyone that thinks their puppy is cuter

Top This

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Submission Grappling and Cute Puppies

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Noon Class

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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Alliance Pets

Alliance has always been a family oriented establishment, and nothing says family like pets. Our students constantly bring in there lovable pets and we welcome it, I'm glad to see that this is a trend that exists not just in our school but others as well.
After seeing Jordon's recent post about our "alien" Lee Bown, Instructor of Alliance Derby in the UK sent me this email

Hey guys,

I see on the blog you have a errm 'cute' alliance pet
Heres our Alliance Derby animal!!

Alliance Alien Creature

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Jiu-Jitsu in the Judo World Championships

Competition results from the UK

I just received an email from one of our Alliance Instructor in Derby England, Lee Bown. Lee has been doing an awesome job with the guys out there.
Congratz on the results, keep it up!

Hi Clinton,

We entered the Hereford IV BJJ championships which is quickly becoming one of the leading competitions in the UK The comp sold out straight away with 170 entrants from 32 BJJ academies from all over the country.

The competition was for white belts only, heres our results :)

Ricky Brown 100kg - gold

Keith Joseph (Alliance Nottingham) 88kg - gold

Danny Tyler 82kg - silver

Jack Young 64kg - bronze

Jack Young Absolute - silver

Take care,

Lee Bown

Monday, September 20, 2010

Lutador Champions

Congratz to Ian and Rafa for closing out the Pro division at the Lutador this weekend.
It was a great day for us, as we reclaimed the overall team trophy for the 5th time in a row.
Good job guys!

Texas Seminar!

Rubens "Cobrinha" Charles Vs. Shane Rice

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Michael Lungi Seminars in the UK

Alliance BJJ's reigning World, Pan American and European Lightweight Champion Michael Langhi will be in UK from the1st of November. Michael will be teaching 2x a day Monday to Friday plus seminars on Sundays.

Michael will be teaching two classes daily at the following academies on these dates,

1st - 6th November Alliance Nottingham

8th - 13th November Alliance Derby

Sunday 14th November seminar at Ryecroft Judo centre, Beeston, Nottingham 12-3pm

15th - 20th November Alliance Brighton

21st - Seminar Brighton, King Alfred leisure centre, 1-4pm

For more info please contact: (alliance derby)