Thursday, September 3, 2009

Thursday Lunch Class Gi Technique

Today Jacare taught how to take the back from a turtled opponent.

- Jacare take's his opponent's back with the seatbelt grip.

- Jacare drives over his right shoulder, driving his right knee into his opponent's.

- Jacare takes the back and scoots his hips to the rear, Jacare then puts in his left hook, keeping his knees close to the body at all times.

- Jacare gets his hook in. Jacare then drives his left knee up to his opponent's head. Jacare drives his opponent to the the left side.

- After ending up on the left side Jacare opens the left lapel with his left hand. Jacare then drives his right hand around the neck. Jacare's left hand then grabs the far lapel. Jacare is now set up to finish the choke.

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