Friday, July 29, 2011

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Welcome to Alliance 2x World Champion Mário Reis

Graciemag Article by Marcelo Dunlop
July 26, 2011

After six years representing Gracie Barra’s colors, Mário Reis, 31, opted to switch sides to Alliance. The reason, as he explained to by telephone from his home in Porto Alegre, is his desire to get to know how things are at the São Paulo-based academy, which he feels could make him all the stronger for upcoming gi competitions.

“I’ve been making it to the podium at the biggest IBJJF competitions ever since 1999 without fail, but I feel it’s about time for the next big leap in my career, and what I want most is to recover my post of being number one. At the last Worlds, I feel I lost to Rafael Mendes on a trifle, in a great match, and I want to intensify my focus on competition,” said Mário, this year’s gold medalist and a two-time world champion (2003/2004).
Speaking kindly of and thankful to Carlos Gracie Jr. and Marcio Feitosa, “for all they have done for me,” the featherweight also had words of praise for Gracie Barra’s champions, but lamented the fact it was impossible to always have them together on the same mat.

“The gang at Gracie Barra is strong as ever but they’re spread out all around the place, and I feel the need to be at an academy where it’s competition time all the time. I fulfilled a dream by competing for Gracie Barra and training with guys like Marcio Feitosa, Bráulio Estima, Roger Gracie, Rômulo Barral, Phillipe Furão, Lucio Lagarto, Jefferson Moura, Victor Estima, Otávio Sousa and so many other people,” he listed.

“The guys are awesome. But it’s becoming harder and harder for everyone to train together, and in São Paulo I feel I can find that. I want to focus on championships, and it will be a new phase for me; I feel this is what I need at this stage in my career. I’ve been at the top tier ever since 1999, and I feel spending time with Gurgel and the group at Alliance will put me back at the top,” explained Reis, who will be dividing his training between São Paulo and Porto Alegre.

“I’m grateful to GB for the kindness and support; I have no complaints about anyone there, but I hope they understand that this is something I need to do. I’m looking at my Gracie Barra gi and feel like I’m part of the family, but unfortunately time has come for me to be honest with myself and fully focus on competition,” said Mário in closing

Thursday, July 21, 2011

New Alliance Blue Belt

Congratz James "Clint" Minks!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Pedro Torres = New Alliance Brown Belt

Expect these two to dominate the feather weight division next year!

Jacare promotes second female purple belt

Laura Uria has been training with Jacare since she was 16. She won the Pan Ams this year and has been a huge part of the gym for many years. We are all very happy and proud of her!!!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

New Alliance Blue Belt

Congratz Robert Findley

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Lutador - Tournament Aug 6th

August 6th 2011
Cobb Civic Center
548 South Marietta Parkway
Marietta , Georgia 30060
View Map

Custom Medals to All Winners!
Samurai Swords to All Kids and Teen 1st place winners!
        Either GI or No-GI: $50
        Both GI and No-GI: $60

        Either GI or No-GI: $50
        Both GI and No-GI: $60

        Either GI or No-GI: $60
        Both GI and No-GI: $70

$5 Spectator Fee
This is a Pre-Registration Only Event
Registration will be available online until Aug 1st.

Weigh-ins will be Friday Aug 5th from 6pm to 8pm and throughout the day on Saturday Aug 6th.
No registrations will be accepted the week of the event!

In addition to our normal weight classes and divisions, below are the cash payout open divisions you can compete in.
Womens No-GI Open Division
     -$150 Purse
     -Open Weight Bracket (no weight divisions)
Womens No-GI Open Division
     -$150 Purse
     -Vida Jiu Jitsu prize package
     -Open Weight Bracket (no weight divisions)
Mens Beginner No-GI Open Division
     -$150 Purse
     -Vida Jiu Jitsu prize package
     -Open Weight Bracket (no weight divisions)
Mens Intermediate No-GI Open Division
     -$300 Purse
     -Vida Jiu Jitsu prize package
     -Open Weight Bracket (no weight divisions)
Mens Advanced No-GI Open Division
     -$600 Purse
     -Vida Jiu Jitsu prize package
     -Open Weight Bracket (no weight divisions)

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Welcome Home Jacare!

We are happy to have Jacare back in Atlanta teaching classes. Today's class was centered around retaining your guard when the guy is trying to pass with double unders