Friday, September 18, 2009

Friday Lunch Class

Today Class started with Master Jacare's yoga warm-ups. Everyone felt great afterwords. This was followed by Cobrinha teaching the defense for a heel-hook.

- Ed goes for the heel-hook on Cobrinha. He hooks Cobrinha's right leg with his left. Ed also pushes Cobrinha's left leg with his right, this raises Cobrinha's right heel off the ground.

- After Cobrinha's right heel is up Ed hooks it with his left arm, getting the heel in the crook of the elbow.

- Ed gets the heel in the elbow of his left arm and drives his right arm across Cobrinha's lower leg. Ed then starts to rotate the leg to the right to put pressure on Cobrinha's knee. Cobrinha spins with the move and starts to push off with his free leg.

- Cobrinha continues to spin and press being aware of possible knee bars and Achilles locks.

- Almost there.

- Freedom.

A demonstration of the defense:

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