Thursday, July 30, 2009

No Class Saturday

This Saturday is the Lutador No Gi Challenge. As a result there will be no class. If you are free come support the team at the Cobb Galleria, 2 Cobb Galleria Parkway Atlanta, 30339. For more information please reference:

Thursday Lunch Class Video

John Thomas demonstrating the technique.

Thursday Lunch Class

Today Cobrinha showed a technique for maintaining back control.

- Cobrinha has Ed's back. Ed posts out with his left leg and tries to flatten his back on the ground.

- Cobrihna gets on his left side, and prepares to bring his left knee to Ed's head.

- Cobrihna gets on his toes in preperation for driving his knee.

- Cobrinha drives his knee up and pulls Ed back to the right, retaking the back.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Tuesday Lunch Class

Today we warmed up with Arm Bar setups. This was followed by a takedown from open guard.

- Cobrinha pulls Fred's right arm and posts out on Fred's left leg. Cobrihna is also sitting up and wrapping his left leg around Fred's right.

-Cobrinha keeps his right leg posted, grabs Fred's left sleeve with his left hand and grabs Fred's lapel with his right hand.

-Cobrinha pulls down and to his left with both hands while shifting his hips to his left, causing Fred to fall down.

-Cobrinha takes a back step to clear Fred's right leg.

-Cobrinha moves up into full side control.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Update on Jacare

We received some great news today, after a very successful surgery Jacare will be out of the hospital and recovering at home! We all are looking forward to seeing Jacare return to his rightful place on the mat

Thanks to everyone's prayers and kind wishes.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Saturday Class

Today we covered single legs derived from pulling your opponent towards you.

- Cobrinha pulls his partner towards him, as he pulls hard on the lapel with his left hand he is trying to hook the opponents right leg with his left leg, and grabs his opponent's left leg with his right arm.

- Cobrinha has now hooked with his right leg and grabbed his opponent's right leg with his left arm. While pulling down hard with his right hand.

- Cobrinha continues to pull hard with his right hand, and now posts his left leg into his opponents right knee, pushing. Cobrinha then executes a technical stand up.

- After performing the technical stand up Cobrinha drives forward holding fast on the opponents left leg. Cobrinha then grabs the opponent's right leg with his left hand, completing the takedown.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Thursday Night Class Recap

Sorry for the lack of posts recently, with all the craziness with Jacare I've been a little slack but I'm sure everyone understands
Anyways, with the Lutador around the corner we have been splitting the classes but still working the techniques in the GI. Cobrinha has been keeping it compatable and tonight we worked on taking the Back from Butterfly Guard.

Cobrinha starts with in Butterfly with double underhooks on Dan

Cobrinha sits back and pulls Dan on top of himself

When his back hits the floor Cobrinha uses his shoulder and bumps Dan to the right

Once Dan falls Cobrinha ducks his head under Dan's arm and puts it behind Dan's right shoulder

Cobrinha uses his left leg to stretch Dan out. This gives him the opportunity to switch his hooks

Once Cobrinha has the hook he can climb to Dan's back

Cobrinha gets the second hook and takes Dan's back

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Congratulations to Cobrinha on his recent invitation to Abu Dhabi!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Beginner Class Recap

Once again tonight's 6:30 class focused on Self Defense techniques. After some Judo drills Jacare demonstrated an effective takedown when someone throws a looping right hand

In any self defense situation we as Jiu-Jitsu practitioners we try take the fight to the ground.When Daren squares up and throws a right hook Jacare looks to defend by trapping his arm, closing the distance and taking the fight to the ground. As Daren throws the punch Jacare looks to block it by trapping the arm at the bicep.

As Jacare closes the distance he grabs Daren around the waist and brings his head into Daren's chest

Once he is on the inside, Jacare drives forward with his head and pulls in with his arm on Daren's lower back to break Daren's posture. As he drives forward Jacare hooks his right leg behind Daren's left takes him down

As Daren goes down Jacare steps his left leg over and lands in the Mounted Position

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Wed Lunch Class

Today's lunch class was more preparation for the upcoming Lutador. As a result there where two separate classes with Cobrinha doing no-gi and Jacare doing gi. Cobrinha's class was focused on situational training with a emphesis on guard passing.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Getting Ready For Lutador!

With a few short weeks left Jacare watches over the No-GI training. Don't forget to register online and give your name to Clinton or Bart if you plan on competing August 1st

Beginner Class Recap

Today's class focused on retaining the guard, being aware of your opponents movements and reacting accordingly, after some stand up Jacare took the class to the ground

Starting in Jacare's Open Guard, Daren is looking to pass and get Side Control

As Daren throws Jacare's legs to the side Jacare reacts by diving his head and looking for the Double Leg

Daren Sprawls and begins moving to Jacare's back

Sensing the danger Jacare keeps control of Daren's hip with his right hand and pulls guard again

Daren is now stuck back in Jacare's Closed Guard and will be forced to break the Guard and pass once more

Monday, July 13, 2009

Alliance Blog Contest

In an effort to increase participation in the blog Daren Roberts has been kind enough to donate a 1 hour private lesson to the person that posts the best BJJ Youtube video.

The Rules:
1. You need to be registered as a follower of the blog and post under your name
2. Post need to be made in the comment section of this post
3. One new video per person (no repeats), if you post more than one video only the first one will be counted
4. Videos need to be embedded into the page, no links will be accepted (Yes, I'm that lazy)
5. We are trying to increase everyone's participation so there needs to be at least 40 people/posts entered for the winner to collect so get your teammates involved!
6. We will only be accepting videos from now until August 31

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Saturday Class

Today we covered a variety of half-guard situations. Shown below is one half-guard pass.

- Upon ending up in the half-guard Jacare puts pressure on Cobrinha's face with his right shoulder. Jacare brings his left foot up to Cobrinha's body.

- Jacare pulls down on Cobrinha's left shoulder with his right hand. Jacare then pushes down on Cobrinha's right knee and drives his own left knee to the mat.

- Jacare bases out and squeezes his knees together.

- Jacare takes his left foot out after making a hook with his right foot. To establish full mount.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Friday Lunch No-Gi

Today we covered defenses for the arm in guillotine.

- Cobrinha goes to take down Clinton, and Clinton goes for the arm in guillotine.

- Immediately Cobrinha drives his shoulder into Clinton's chest and places his right hand behind Clinton's back.

- Cobrinha drives forward on his shoulder, shifts his weight to his right and drives his weight down. Cobrinha's left hand is pulling up on Clinton's right.

- Cobrinha pulls Clinton's hands apart.

- Cobrinha pulls his head out after opening the hands. Cobrinha also makes sure to drive his right hand up to prevent Clinton from getting the over-hook.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Beginner Class Recap

Tonight's class focused on defending your back. After the regular warm up Jacare went to the ground to show tonight's technique

From the seat belt grip Daren uses his right hand to attack Jacare's neck. To defend Jacare grabs Daren's hand with both his arms (Grabbing the GI just above wrist and the elbow), looks towards Daren's elbow and bridges to put both of his shoulders on the floor.
*It is important to take note to which side you need to fall, a good way to remember it is to follow the opponents fingers. In the picture you can see Daren attacking with his right hand so Jacare follows his hand and escapes to his left*
Once his back is on the floor Daren doesn't have the angle to choke him any more, Jacare can release his grip on Daren's arm, break Daren's grip on his collar, and swim his right arm under Daren's legs and keeps Daren's right leg in between his legs. From here Jacare turns his hips away form Daren and secures the Half Guard

Thursday Lunch Class

Today Jacare showed sweeps from the De La Riva guard.

-Right when Alec stands up to pass Jacare hooks his left foot around the outside of Alec's right knee, and Jacare then posts his right foot in Alec's left hip, pushing on Alec with the right foot.

-In response to this push Alec drives forward with his hips. Jacare encourages this by pulling forward with his left (hooked) foot and both arms.

-Once Alec's weight is all the way forward Jacare pulls Alec's arms towards the mat and pushes up with his legs, pulling Alec over the top.

-Jacare rides the momentum, ending up mounted on Alec.