Saturday, July 31, 2010

Saturday Class

Today we continued our self-defense training with a standing rear choke defense:

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Thursday Lunch Class

Today we learned a self defense series, Jacare taught and Cobrinha filmed:

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Wednesday Lunch Class

Today Jacare led us in a cardio/yoga/calisthenics warm-up:

Then we went into a overhead sweep off of the De La Riva guard:

A demonstration:

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Tuesday Lunch Class

Today we covered a sweep, and remember the stuff we have going on:

Sit up guard to knee bump to side control:

Monday, July 26, 2010

Historic Pictures

Master Jacare brought some historic pictures in for us today:

Jose Lucio winning the Copa Itau back in the 80's. Jose Lucio passed away in Brazil, he will always be remembered as one of the nicest guys in the jiujitsu community:

Fabio Gurgel and Jose Lucio at Fabio's mountain house in Terezopolis:

Jacare's first school in Rio a young Fabio Gurgel, Paulo Bodas, Jose Lucio, and Jacare:

Jacare, his dog Dundee (the best dog ever), and friends. The friends being Irapuan, Fred, Roberto, and Cury at Arpoador beach in Rio. Unfortunately Irapuan passed away, may he rest in peace.

Jacare's first competition team winning a tournament in Rio:

Jose Lucio, Fabio Gurgel, and Ocatavio Ratinio:

Rolls Gracie and his passion, hang-gliding:

Master Rolls Gracie

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Saturday's Class

Saturday's class is always jam packed, despite the local tournament we still had a full class. We started the class with a basic warm-up and then moved into takedowns.

Jacare - Single Leg

Jacare - Single Leg (variation)

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Jacare in and upcoming events

Jacare was featured in

Romero "Jacare" Vacation in Rio

After a very busy year in which his Alliance Team won the bulk of the major tournaments, Romero "Jacare" Cavalcanti took a few weeks of to rest and recharge in Rio. During his stay Romero swam 2 miles a day in Ipanema Beach, watched his good friend Sydney "Baiano" teach surf lessons to daughter Ursula, visited Academy Nobre Arte and Professor Claudio Coelho, the surf and Jiu-Jitsu Project from Professor Gilson and stopped by Alexandre "Gigi"'s Academy for a class in which Fernando "Terere" was present.

"Jacare is back in Atlanta and ready for more challenges!

And don't forget all the upcoming events!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Jacare Featured

Jacare was featured in an article on (

Friday, July 16, 2010

Friday Evening Class

Tonight Adam showed a series of armdrags:

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Wednesday Night Class

We opened up tonight's class with grip fighting and takedowns. Enjoy the vids

Ian vs Jeff

Adam vs Rush

Chris vs Crazy Horse

Bart vs Alec

Jacare’s Trip to Brazil

Jacare’s Trip to Brazil

By Romero Jacare Cavalcanti and Bart Stevens

Recently Professor Jacare took a vacation to his homeland of Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. After more than 2 years without going home this was a special trip for him. Jacare arrived with his family on the 17th of June. It was a special day to get there as the entire nation of Brazil was focused on the World Cup. The streets of Rio where alive with decorations, people, and the hopes of the entire country. The weather was perfect, 85 degrees and sunny in the daytime 65 and clear at night. Ipanema beach was beautiful, tranquil, and hospitable. One of the highlights of Brazil is the outstanding food. The flavor of the fruit, seafood, and vegetables is consistently delicious. While in Rio Jacare was able to visit his family. This was a joyous occasion, spending time with both his sister and his brother. With the family set and the location perfect Jacare was ready for outstanding vacation.

While in Rio De Janerio Jacare went for a swim, a run, and a workout on the beach daily. In the meantime Ursula, Jacare’s daughter, was learning to surf. Ursula was lucky enough to be instructed in surfing by Jacare’s old friend Sidney; a black belt from Gracie Humaita.

During the trip Professor took the time to visit his first blackbelt, Fabio Gurgel, in the city of Sao Paulo. While at Fabio’s academy Jacare was kind enough to teach a special class. Professor was pleased with the intense training in Sao Paulo, this training showed him exactly why Alliance is the top team in the entire world. The mats of Sao Paulo held dozens of world and panam champions. In addition to the students of Sao Paulo Fabio trains hard every day; setting the example for all of his students.

After traveling to Sao Paulo Jacare returned to Rio De Janerio. Immediately he went to visit his old friend Claudio Coelho. Mr. Coelho runs Nobre Arte, a famous boxing gym in the Cantagalo favela. Nobre Arte shares space with Ricardo Viera’s jiujitsu project. At the Jiujitsu project Jacare’s old student Gilson was running a spirited class. This class was full of promising young students. These young martial artists have already won numerous medals despite having hard lives. In the same favela is the Cantagalo Surfing Project. This program teaches underprivileged children how to surf and is sponsored by a local television station. The jiujitsu, boxing, and surfing programs are working hard to improve the lives of these disadvantaged young people.

After leaving Cantagalo Professor went to Alliance Leblon the school of Alexandre Paiva. In Leblon Jacare gave a speech focusing on all he has learned in his 47 years of training jiujitsu. Professor was excited to see his old friends and make some new ones. Jacare was also happy to see Terere back on the mats.

The trip to Brazil was eventful and a great success. Jacare was happy to spend time with his friends, family, and homeland. Brazil is a beautiful country and Jiujitsu is an amazing art. Jacare is proud to be a product of both of these influences.

News from Greenville

We have some news from Billy and Rafa up in Greenville:

"Congratulations to Bob and Jeff who competed in the NAGA tournament this past weekend. Bob placed 2nd in two divisions and Jeff placed third in his first BJJ tournament. Again congratulations for a job well done."

Monday, July 12, 2010

Pics from Brazil

As most of you know, Jacare recently returned from a trip to Brazil. He was kind enough to share the experience with us

Jacare teaching at Alexandre "GIGI" Paiva's school

Jacare with Terere

Jacare with Claudio Coelho of Nobre Arte Boxing Academy

Barzilian Jiu-Jitsu project at Cantagalo

Jacare and Gilson (Instructor at the project) and the future stars in our sport

Monday Lunch Class

We had Jacare coaching and Derek teaching for us today. Derek showed us a back take of the De La Riva guard:

Saturday, July 10, 2010

From the Archives

Fabio Gurgel's first MMA fight

Tarsis in FL

Found an article from about Tarsis' new school in Miami.

by Marcelo Dunlop — July 9, 2010.

Alliance had already set down roots in Florida, with the academies of Felipe Zicro in Tallahassee and Henrique “Piui” Rezende in Pembroke Pines.

Now, the team reaches Miami with a world champion at the helm. Tarsis Humphreys made the move from São Paulo and begins work that will, as he himself guarantees, will go a long way.

“I’m living here in Miami and getting started at work. I only have 20 students in two academies, as I’m only just beginning to advertise my new home at this instant, on,” he says in amusement.

“Everything is still just crawling, but I feel it will all work out. I chose to come here and I like it a lot. I’m already starting to feel at home, since it’s really hot and the people here are cool too. Plus there’s the advantage of having a beach, which I didn’t have in São Paulo!” he says.

“The only problem is that I miss my family, friends and the training partners I had in São Paulo. But I should go train there when the championships near, or I’ll go to Atlanta with Jacaré and Cobrinha, or New York with Lucas Lepri, or even to California with Franjinha, a bit further away. If I get organized, there’ll be no lack of tough training. There’s no way you can train lone-wolf style and win everything. I think only Roger Gracie can get away with that. But I can try too! (laughs).”

Tarsis makes the most of the opportunity to plug the addresses of his academies, and his new logo. “It’s an oak tree, my last name in the middle. That’s basically it: I’ve come to lay roots, balanced and unyielding,” he says in closing.

Alliance Miami:

Cranck Cross Fit,

12324 SW 127 Ave

Miami, FL – 33186


2801 SW 31st Ave ,

Miami, FL – 33133

Thursday, July 8, 2010

News from across the pond

We received a letter from our good friend and Association Instructor Lee Bown in the UK. Lee recently visited us for the Mundial camp and obviously picked up one or two things. Congratz on the awesome result buddy, you make us proud

Hi Jacare,

On Sunday we competed in the Hereford III brazilian jiu jitsu championships.

I was very pleased with all our guys as it was their first competition.

Blue 88.3kg Gold - Roy Wilkins Alliance UK

Purple 70kg Bronze - Steven Burton Alliance UK

Purple 88.3kg Gold - Lee Bown Alliance UK

Hope you are all well over there.

Take care Lee B

Thursday Lunch Class

Today we started with a judoish warmup:

Next we went into a guard pass:

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Class Closed due to Technical Difficulties

Those that trained last night and today noticed that we are having issues with our A/C. Unfortunately our contracted technician can only be here tomorrow. With our students safety in mind we have decided to cancel the class instead of expecting everyone to exert themselves in 95 degree heat. We apologize to everyone and will hopefully have this problem fixed by tomorrow.

Thank you for your understanding


Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Alliance compeditors bigger than "The Next Big Gracie"?

I was reading this article on about how Ronis Gracie is the "Next Big Gracie." What I thought was great was the fact that they had a big write up about him and he was defeated in both his divisions by our guys.

Here are a few extracts from:

"The Next Big Gracie"by Deb Blyth — July 5, 2010.

Gracie fought in his division and the absolute. In his division he picked off each opponent one by one, strategically and systematically working his way to the final. By the time he got there he’d already won six fights. His final match was with Jordon Schultz from Alliance. Schultz, who won the 2010 Pan, was also working his way through the division, showing his technical expertise and proving his worth to the world, yet again.

Gracie had heard about Schultz and was looking forward to having an opportunity to fight him. His wish was granted. As the two faced off in the divisional final, it was apparent that this was not only going to be a battle of skill and expertise, but one of will as well.

The match began with Gracie pulling guard. He was able to sweep Schultz and go to mount. Schultz escaped, but Gracie took his back and got a choke on him. What came next was completely unexpected. “I don’t know how it happened,” Gracie said, “But I lost the grip on his collar. He turned and came into my guard again.”

Dismayed, Gracie said, “I was six points ahead. I had the fight in my hands. I guess I slowed my speed down. He tried to pass, so I turned, but I left my arm out and he got it.” Schultz locked in the arm bar and submitted a surprised and very disappointed Gracie with a little over a minute left in the match. As he walked off the mats with his head down, the only words heard were, “I can’t believe it.”

Ronis didn’t have too much time to ponder the situation before he had to get ready for the absolute. He needed to pull it together and get his head back in the game. His first two matches went as planned, winning one by submission and one by points. In his third match he faced Alec Baulding of Alliance. Gracie knew he was a tough competitor and that he had to play a flawless game.

At the start of the match, Gracie pulled guard, just like he did with Schultz. This time, though, he says he made the mistake of letting Baulding put him in a bad position. Gracie says he couldn’t move much and time was passing. “I had to do something,” he said, “And right then he passed my guard. When he tried to mount, I recovered.” Gracie swept Baulding, but he was still losing on points. He only had 40 seconds left in the match and tried to set up a choke, but the match ended, giving Gracie a bronze medal for his efforts.

Gracie said that Baulding had a very good top game. “He didn’t make any mistakes,” Gracie said, “And I let him have positions I shouldn’t have. I would like to fight him again.” Gracie says he’s going to keep training hard all year, so next year he doesn’t make any mistakes.

From the Archives

Left to right:
Jose Lucio, Fabio Gurgel, Ratinho

Left to right:
Fabio Gurgel, Paulo Bodas, Jose Lucio, Jacare

Left to right:
Roberto, Fred, Michel, Irapuan, Dandy (The best dog ever), Jacare

Beginning a winning tradition that continues till the 2010 World Championships and beyond

Monday, July 5, 2010

Monday Night Class - Welcome Back Jacare

Within hours of his plane landing, Jacare was back in the gym running the class. Welcome home Professor, we missed you!

Jacare - Butterfly Sweep

Friday, July 2, 2010

Jacare in Brazil

Some news from

Master Jacaré received in Rio

by Carlos Eduardo Ozório — July 2, 2010.

The year couldn’t be better for Master Romero Jacaré. The leader of Alliance and producer of countless black belts saw his team win the Jiu-Jitsu World Championship and was even promoted to red-and-black belt by the IBJJF.

The master left Atlanta, Georgia, for a brief visit to his Alliance branches in Brazil. This Wednesday Jacaré was at Alliance Leblon, in Rio de Janeiro, where he made a speech and was applauded by the students of Alexandre Paiva.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Thursday Night Class

In tonight's class we focused on stand up training. We warmed up with grip fighting and worked different situations on the feet

Cobrinha vs Bart

Jordan vs Bo

Alec vs. Damion

4th of July Schedule

In recognition of our Independence Day we will be having a limited class schedule this weekend. Hope everyone enjoys their holiday weekend!

The schedule is as follows: Friday 12pm class (No-GI)
Saturday 12pm (GI)
Full Schedule Monday the 5th

*We will not be having the Friday evening No-GI class