Monday, August 31, 2009

Monday Evening Class

I guess everyone had a great weekend because today's class was packed! So much so that the class got split up between our 2 Instructors.

The Advanced guys worked with Cobrinha, the technique was to sit out and take the back after your opponent spraws.

Homberto shoots on Adam, Adam spraws to defend.

Before Adam can cross face, Homberto traps Adam's right arm and switches his hip. As Homberto kicks his right leg through he uses the back of his head to assist the movement.

Once Homberto kicks through he turns the corner and controls Adam's back

Jacare was in charge of the beginners section, he showed a variation of the cross choke from Closed Guard

Jacare has Bart in the Closed guard with his arm trapped. Jacare has wizard Bart's arm and is holding the opposite collar

Jacare grabs the other collar with his right hand, thumb inside. He pulls Bart towards him with his legs, brings his elbows to his hips and applies pressure for the choke

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