Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Tuesday Lunch Class

Today we worked on basic self-defense focusing on the head-lock.

- Cobrinha puts Jacare in a basic headlock. Jacare makes sure to keep his left hand between himself and Cobrinha this allows him to form a frame later.

- At this point Jacare forms his frame keeping his arm/wrist bone on Cobrinha's neck. Jacare is moving his hips backwards in order to prepare for throwing his legs up.

- After getting his hips back Jacare throws his hips/legs up, drives up with his wrists, and and gets his leg around Cobrniha's head/face. Jacare drives his hips and legs down ending up on Cobrinha's side.

- At this point Jacare is on Cobrinha's side. Jacare bases out to maintain his position.

- At this point Jacare has shifted his hips towards Cobrinha's head. As Jacare did this he moved his right foot in to Cobrinha's stomach. Jacare pinches down with his right leg, frames Cobrinha's face and drives up on the arm straiting it out. This allows Jacare a easy arm-bar.

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