Thursday, July 9, 2009

Beginner Class Recap

Tonight's class focused on defending your back. After the regular warm up Jacare went to the ground to show tonight's technique

From the seat belt grip Daren uses his right hand to attack Jacare's neck. To defend Jacare grabs Daren's hand with both his arms (Grabbing the GI just above wrist and the elbow), looks towards Daren's elbow and bridges to put both of his shoulders on the floor.
*It is important to take note to which side you need to fall, a good way to remember it is to follow the opponents fingers. In the picture you can see Daren attacking with his right hand so Jacare follows his hand and escapes to his left*
Once his back is on the floor Daren doesn't have the angle to choke him any more, Jacare can release his grip on Daren's arm, break Daren's grip on his collar, and swim his right arm under Daren's legs and keeps Daren's right leg in between his legs. From here Jacare turns his hips away form Daren and secures the Half Guard

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