Wednesday, July 1, 2009

7:30 Class Recap

For tonight's post I decided to use last night technique because it keeps with the same Half Guard theme from the lunch time class. The technique focuses on countering your opponents defense to the knee through pass.

As Cobrinha forces half guard he tries to crossface Jacare to secure the position. To defend Jacare pushes off Cobrinha's bicep.

Unable to secure the position Cobrinha switches his hips.

With Half-Guard secured Cobrinha grabs Jacare's left pant leg just above the knee and scoots his hips back towards Jacare's head.

With his free leg Cobrinha pushes on Jacare's bottom knee to release his trapped leg

Once Jacare's guard is opened Cobrinha pulls his trapped leg out and turns into him to secure side control

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