Thursday, July 23, 2009

Thursday Night Class Recap

Sorry for the lack of posts recently, with all the craziness with Jacare I've been a little slack but I'm sure everyone understands
Anyways, with the Lutador around the corner we have been splitting the classes but still working the techniques in the GI. Cobrinha has been keeping it compatable and tonight we worked on taking the Back from Butterfly Guard.

Cobrinha starts with in Butterfly with double underhooks on Dan

Cobrinha sits back and pulls Dan on top of himself

When his back hits the floor Cobrinha uses his shoulder and bumps Dan to the right

Once Dan falls Cobrinha ducks his head under Dan's arm and puts it behind Dan's right shoulder

Cobrinha uses his left leg to stretch Dan out. This gives him the opportunity to switch his hooks

Once Cobrinha has the hook he can climb to Dan's back

Cobrinha gets the second hook and takes Dan's back

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