Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Beginner Class Recap

We had a packed beginners class today, everyone is back from their long weekend and ready to train! After warming up with some throws we went to the ground and focused on the Knee-on-Belly.

From the side control Jacare is looking to transition to the Knee-on-Belly position. He unlocks his hands and with his left grabs Daren's pants by the hip

Jacare raises his body up and slides his left knee across Daran's stomach
and stabilizes the position

With his right hand Jacare opens Daren's left lapel and slides his left hand in palm up.

Now Jacare crosses his right hand over his left and slides his thumb deep into the other side of Daren's collar

To finish, Jacare pulls Daren towards him, bringing his elbows to his hips and drives his weight forward.

*Note* Don't lean to far forward or your opponent can roll you over

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