Thursday, July 2, 2009

Beginner Class Recap

With Jacare out of town to day Daren stepped in and filled in as Instructor. Since Daren usually assists Jacare with the beginner class he had no problem picking up right where the Tuesday's class left off, focusing on the Guillotine.

Initially the class started working the Guillotine standing to get a feel for the position, Daren went into exact detail about arm placement as well as the proper position of the elbow when locking in this choke.
The Guillotine is a lot more affective from the Guard, the reason being you can use your legs to control your opponents body.

From the standing position Daren demonstrated the correct way/time to jump Guard and take the fight to the ground.
Note in the picture: Daren has his Guard closed and is controlling Alec, Daren is not flat on his back but rather on right hip, this will help create the right angle for the choke. His shoulder is behind Alec's head and he is applying pressure by tucking his elbow in and extending his hips

Continuing with the theme of this mornings class, today's warm ups were really acrobatic!

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