Saturday, January 9, 2010

Training for the European Championships!

Jonathan Tooker:

Matt Daniel:

Alliance is training hard for the upcoming European Championships! Atlanta Ga is sending brown belts Matt “Tequila" Daniel and Jonathan “Jamanta” Tooker to represent the team. All of the coaches will be there as well. On Jan 27th Jacare will travel to Lisbon, Portugal to meet Fabio Gurgel, Alexandre Paiva, and other Alliance instructors to lead our team in the first big tournament of the year. Part of our training plan is providing our European locations with the best instruction available, Alliance Black Belt Champions. With this in mind Tarsis Humpherys is in Zagreb, Croatia conducting seminars and belt testing. As of today we have Black Belt Champions teaching and training in Croatia, Italy, Finland, Germany, Greece and France. These include: Michael Langhi, Soluco, Tarsis, Alex, Bruno Malfacine, Batista, Monstrinho and Lucas Lepri. In France Paulo Sergio Santos, Jacare’s black belt and Hugo Fevrier, Alexandre Paiva’s black belt are teaching and training every day. We will continue to send our best to all of our affiliates to bring the entire teams skills up!

After the European Championships we have a few significant events. On Feb 20th Alliance Headquarters in Atlanta will host an indoor Alliance tournament open to all our students. The focus of this tournament is to prepare for the future competitions. These in house events are great first competition experiences. In April we will have our annual Pan Am camp one week before the start of the tournament in California. The Alliance superstars from all over the world we will be coming to our head quarters in Atlanta to train and do a final tune up.

Remember that you train with the best team in the world. Team Alliance is the reigning and 4 time world champions (98, 99, 08, 09). Alliance’s plan for 2010 is to win the Grand Slam of Jiu Jitsu, and the European Championship the first step in the Grand Slam. Train hard!

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