Wednesday, January 6, 2010 Interview with Jacare - by Kid Peligro

How to Improve your Game - Alliance Team Founder Romero "Jacare" gives you today's tip:

The legendary Romero "Jacare" , one of the 6 Rolls Gracie Black Belts, founder and leader of the powerhouse (4 times World Champion) Alliance Team gives you the BJJ Tip today:

"Try to develop a balanced game. I try to watch my students when they spar and see what they prefer to do. I watch if he or she is pulling guard a lot or if they always try to start. I watch if they have difficulties in their defense or attacks etc. Then what I do is I try to correct with instruction and I encourage them to balance their games by forcing them through sparring to be in the positions they don't like. For example, if they like to play guard I put them on top and vice-versa. That forces them to practice their weaknesses.

My students often ask me how do I manage to pair people up so well for the sparring and my answer is simple: "many years watching, always paying attention to details and learning how to get the best out of each one of them so they can be the best they can be. Of course they have to understand where and what they are having trouble iwth and put themselves into the positions that they are weakest at."

When you've created a team like Alliance with so many World Champions and top stars and you talk about BJJ . . . people listen.

Thanks "Jacare" !

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