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Kid Peligro Jiu-Jitsu News . . . Romero "Jacare" with the Rangers - Alliance Team Ready for the European

2010-01-27 — KID PELIGRO

army 2.preview.jpg

Alliance Leader Romero "Jacare" Cavalcanti at Special Military Symposium

Jacare (bottom far right), Greg Thompson (4th l-r bottom) Greg Nelson (6th l-r bottom),Rorion and Rener (top right) with military

Romero "Jacare" was at a symposium for the US special military with representatives from the Rangers, Marines and Air Force. The 2 day event was held at Fort Benning, Ga. During the event there series of high level discussions about the program including demonstrations, effectiveness evaluations etc. The idea was to fine tune the hand to hand combat program for the armed forces. There was even a special dinner reception at Fort Benning's commander General Ferriter's home.

"Jacare" was very happy with the developments: "I could atest that the program has been perfected over the years and is very effetive. I am confident that this and the self-defense program is the best program for all military forces in the World. The system is based on the effectiveness of Jiu-Jitsu. The manual has several JJ positions, many of which I personally taught them and of course many others help further develop".

Present at the event were Rorion Gracie with his son Rener, Matt Larsen (Romero's Black Belt and the main organizer and force behind the program), Greg Nelson, Greg Thompson along with a host of military brass!

Jacare with General Ferriter: Jacare with General Ferriter
Jacare with General Ferriter (r) and other brass

Jacare and Greg Nelson: Jacare and Greg Nelson
Jacare and Greg Nelson

Alliance Team in the European BJJ - By Clinton Gouveia

Alliance Team training: Alliance Team training
Alliance Team training

Jacare leading by example: Jacare leading by example
Jacare leading by example

It’s no secret that Alliance is looking for a clean sweep in all IBJJF Tournaments this year. With the European Championships this weekend in Lisbon Portugal, Jacare and Fabio are leading our army of stars looking to secure our first title of the year.

With the anticipation of the biggest turn out in talent since the tournament began in 2004, winning it will be no easy task. With roughly 100 guys representing “Team A” we are confident that this will be our year!

This is the list of Alliance Adult Black Belts that will be there (Notice the surprise at heavy weight)

Alliance Black adult male

Galo Bruno Malfacine

Pluma Fabbio Passos de Alencar

Leve Lucas Lepri

Leve Michael Langhi

Medio Rogel Monsalve

Meio-Pesado Ricardo Oliveira

Meio-Pesado Tarsis Humphreys

Pesado Bernardo Faria

Pesado Fabio Gurgel

Super-Pesado Fernando Di Pierro

Pesadissimo Antonio Peinado

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