Friday, January 15, 2010

A tip from Fabio Gurgel

A recent tip from

"The General" Fabio Gurgel BJJ Tip

Fabio Gurgel: Fabio Gurgel
Fabio keeps an eye on his students at the '09 Worlds

Fabio Gurgel, aka "The General" of Alliance Team gives us the BJJ tip of the day. Besides being one of the eladers of the powerhouse Alliance Team, Gurgel is a multiple times World Champion and the instructor to a host of top World class fighters like Marcelo Garcia. So his tips and info are always H O T ! ! !

"The tips given by Royce and Romero "Jacare" are always great and would be my tips as well. Always work on the basics and the weakest parts of your ground game are of fundamental importance. Additionally, when you learn a new technique try to at least learn teh position or technique before that one (the one that gets you to that point) and what would be the most likely escape or defense counter to be used against you. This way you can antecipate what the reactions are and be one step ahead of your opponent. By doing this you develop what I believe is the great difference between the great ones and the good ones, the linking of techniques and the timing of executing them. That requires a lot of trainingg and understanding of the game to acchieve."

There you have it, the General's great tip! Study it and win

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