Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Wednesday Night Class

For today's technique Cobrinha showed us some of his favorite counters to the Sit-Up Sweep

To start the technique, Ian is in the guard and he sits up and traps Cobrinha's lapel, Cobrinha controls Ian by holding Ian's collar and pants just below the knee.

As a fake to set up the technique Cobrinha pushes Ian backwards

As Ian resists Cobrinha pulls him back in and traps Ian's head under his armpit. *Cobrinha still has his grips on Ian's collar and pants*

Cobrinha dives over Ian and puts his back on the floor

Cobrinha pulls down with both his arm contorting Ian's body and apples pressure on the choke

If your opponent has a strong neck (Like Ian) and doesn't tap, you can release the leg, roll on top, trap the far arm and apply more pressure to the neck

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