Thursday, August 13, 2009

Thursday Lunch Class Technique

Today Cobrinha showed us a variation on choking from the back, the "Zipper" choke.

- Cobrinha take's Vlad's back. He has his right hand on Vlad's far collar, and his left hand on the opposite lapel. Cobrinha gives the lapel a slight twist in order to get a much better grip.

- As Vlad tries to twist out Cobrinha posts on his right foot.

- Cobrinha maintains his lapel grips and moves his right foot under Vlads right thigh driving Vlad the left.

- As Cobrinha takes Vlad to the left Cobrinha slides his left leg out and drives it towards Vlad's head. Cobrinha drives his left leg into Vlad's stomach. To finish the choke Cobrinha pulls back from his left elbow, pushes down with his right hand, and keeps his head an bicep as close to Vlad's head as possible.

Alec demonstrating:

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