Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Wednesday Night Class

Today's class opened up with some take down drills, followed by techniques, some passing-defending the guard circuit training and rolling.

Today's technique was a sweep from Sit-Up Guard with a follow up pass to side control.
Alec is in Diego's Guard, Diego pushes on Alec's Knee and transitions into the Sit-Up Guard

When Diego sits up, he traps Alec's right arm and left leg

Diego shifts his hips back and drives his right shoulder into the back of Alec's trapped leg. Diego stands up and uses his right foot to scoop up Alec's leg

When Alec does down Diego follows up by driving forward and keeps pressure on Alec by getting the underhook and putting his head on Alec's chest

Diego walks his hips up towards Alec's head while keeping Alec's left leg trapped between his legs.
As soon as it's in range Diego cross faces Alec with his left arm.

Once Diego has control of Alec's head he switches his hips and passes to side control

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