Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Tuesday Night Class

Today's class followed a different structure. While Cobrinha was finishing up with the Beginners class DJ led the warm up. Once Cobrinha took over we began "Flow Training." Everyone started in Omaplata and threw together as many combination as we could think of. Cobrinha walked the room correcting technique and offering ideas as to what we should be looking for. When I asked Cobrinha about the class he said this type of training helps to train your muscle memory with positions as well as linking your submissions if your opponent escapes the first attempt.
Overall it was an really interesting class and a welcomed break from the beating we took yesterday :)

Things got pretty creative:

Joey Armbar on Jamanta

Ian Omaplata to Toe Hold

I don't know???

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  1. ha ha, me and jordan doing what we do best