Thursday, August 27, 2009

Thursday Lunch Class Gi Technique

Today Jacare showed a sweep variation of the sit up guard.

-Jacare is in the open guard.

-Jacare works to break his opponent's grips, swings his leg down getting ready to swing it all the way around Eric's leg.

- Jacare has sat up and has his right leg posted in Eric's left, Jacare's left leg is wrapped all the way around Eric's right. Jacare is also controlling the bottom of Eric's sleeves.

- The same as above, from another angle.

- The same as above, from another angle.

- Jacare maintains his grips, switches his legs, and then posts up on his right hand while driving forward with his head.

- After Jacare gets to his knees he grab's Rich's ankle.

- Jacare finishes on top of Rich and ready to take side control.


  1. when did eric change his name to rich?

  2. Around the 4th photo, it was weird.