Friday, November 6, 2009

A Letter from our UK Guys

Jacare just received a letter from Alliance UK and I wanted to share it with everyone. Good luck in the competition Lee, and we would love to have you over here whenever you can make it!

"Hi Jacare,

How are you, hope all is well over there.

Everything is good here although getting a bit cold!! Our bjj intro classes
are doing good and we are preparing the guys for
the upcomoing comp in dec. Tonight we drilled plenty of judo to make sure
their stand up is sharp. I took some good pics from tonights class
i have included for you.

We have a couple of Gracie schools quite close to us and recently a few guys
have come to roll with us. A few of them enjoyed it so much they have now
left and joined our school!!

I was hoping to make a trip over before christmas but work has been getting
busy so i think it will be January now if thats ok.

Oh and please keep up the Alliance blog, it is really helpfull and we use
drills all the time that you and the guys post on there.

Take care, Lee"

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