Saturday, December 12, 2009

Saturday Class

Today we had some guys competing in a local tournament. We still had a good turnout. For warmups we started with some light takedowns:

For the technique portion Jacare taught a single leg takedown strait into a guardpass:

- Jacare gets the single leg on Cobrinha. To complete the takedown the drives his hands towards Cobrinha's ankles, takes a big step to his back and right, driving backwards off his right leg. He pushes down with his chest.

- As Jacare completes the takedown he keeps his right hand on Cobrinha's lapel, and drives Cobrinha's right leg under the knee has far as he can. Jacare keeps his pressure down so that Cobrinha cannot loop around with his left leg in order to reestablish guard.

- Now Jacare maintains his pressure with his right leg, pushes down with his right elbow, keeps his hips low, pulls up on the right arm, and prepares to slide his right leg down Cobrinha's right, towards the knee.

- Jacare has slid his leg all the way down, while pulling up. Jacare is preparing to scoot his hips back.

- Jacare starts to scoot his hips back, turning Cobrinha to his own left side.

- Jacare finishes his scoot, and turns into side control, completing the takedown/ guard pass combo.

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