Monday, December 21, 2009

Monday Evening Class

Kicking off the last short week of the year, Jacare showed an effective way to pass the Sit Up Guard

To start the technique Cobrinha is sitting up looking to sweep Jacare.

Jacare counters by stepping back, grabbing behind Cobrinha's shoulder and dropping his head into Cobrinha's chest

As Jacare falls back, take note of the pressure he is keeping on Cobrinha's head with his shoulder. Jacare also keeps control of Cobrinha's far leg

As you can see from this angle Jacare keeps his weight on top of Cobrinha's head while keeping Cobrinha flat on his back. At this point Jacare uses his free leg to push on Cobrinha's knee and release his trapped leg

Once Jacare frees his leg he controls Cobrinha in side control

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