Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Wednesday Night Class - Back to The Basics

In today's class we went back to the basics and reminderd ourselves of the fundamentals. We warmed up with Judo style grip fighting followed by takedowns and technique. The technique of the day was the Cross Choke from the Mount, Rodger Gracie style!

Warming up - Grip Fighting

Cross Choke from Mount

Jordan starts mounted on Alec, he places his right arm into Alec's collar palm up. Note: As Jordan slides his arm in he shifts his weight to his left, this makes it harder for Alec to bump him off

Jordan places his second hand in the collar palm up (Thumb inside)

To finish the choke, Jordan turns his wrists, pulls his elbows towards his hips and places his head on the the same side as his second hand

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