Thursday, October 1, 2009

Thursday Lunch Class

Today we started with throws for warm ups:

This was followed by a way to take someone's back off of a well defended armbar:

- Cobrinha dislikes Darren, so he decided to break Darren's arm. In order to do this Cobrinha is pulling up and rolls to his right shoulder.

- Darren says "Screw you I am strong!" and tries to do a sit up.

- As Darren tries to sit up Cobrinha says "There is a reason I am a world champion son! Respect!" And then swings his leg down and around, allowing Darren to continue his stupid idea, the sit up.

- Darren sat all the way up. Cobrinha says "EPIC FAIL!" and takes his back.

- Cobrinha completes the Ezeikiel from the rear. Darren is choked all the way out, and Cobrinha takes Darren's lunch money.

A video of the move:

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