Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Beginner Class Recap

The Beginner's Class is were we focus on self defense. This is an awesome class for anyone getting started or some of the higher belts that want to get a refresher on the fundamentals and self defense.
Today's self defense technique was the Guillotine defense.
Note: Jacare is caught in Daren's Guillotine, he immediately brings his left hand up to defend his neck and turns his chin into Daren's stomach to relieve the pressure.
With his right arm Jacare reaches over Daren's shoulder and drives his weight forward. This forward pressure drives Jacare's shoulder into Daren's neck making him very uncomfortable and keeping Jacare's neck relativly safe. From here Jacare can wait out the attack or begining working on Daren's grip with his left arm and release his head

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