Friday, June 19, 2009

7:30 Class Recap

Since the Mundials the classes have been a lot more laid back, last night was more of the same. After a quick warm up and some movement drills we moved into the technique portion of the class then right into the training.
A few quick reminders for everyone:
1. The guys that placed at the Worlds please bring your medals and "Fight Planet" T-shirt for pictures tomorrow
2. We are going to be doing more No-GI so please start packing both your GI and No-GI stuff.

In the technique portion of the class we focused on passing the inverted Guard. In the picture you can see Cobrinha demonstrating how to pass this annoying Guard. To counter Cobrinha's knee through Macarrao brings his left leg over Cobrinha's head and tries to roll onto his sholders. As he brings his leg across Cobrinha grabs Macarrao's left anke, pulls it across his body and forces it to the floor. With his right hand Cobrinha places downward pressure on Macarrao's left sholder keeping his back flat on the mat. Once Macarrao is imobolized Cobrinha kicks his leg back and passes to his right.

Chris and Sully seem to be enjoying this technique way to much


  1. Hey it was laugh or cry...Chris was crushin my ribs.

    New nick for Chris should be Crusher!