Monday, June 29, 2009

7:30pm Class Recap

Welcome back, hope everyone had a good weekend and is ready for a solid week of training!
Today's technique was based around side control and what you do when the guy on bottom tries to bridge and come on top.
From this picture you can see Ian has his left arm under Jamanta's right armpit. Ian's intention is to use this position to bridge Jamanta over and come on top.

Anticipating Ian's movement, Jamanta traps Ian's left arm at the elbow, switches his hips and baits Ian by giving him room to come on top (Key thing here is to bait them, not to give away your intentions by leaving to much space or pulling them on top of you). As Ian bridges to come on top Jamanta shifts his hips back and steps his right leg over as if mounting.

Once on top Jamanta places his right foot high on Ian's back and squeses his knee to put pressure on Ian's shoulder. *The higher he places his foot the more pressure will be applied on Ian's shoulder*

It is important to not that the pressure can be switched to the elbow joint by turning your hips behind the elbow turning it into a straight armlock

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