Saturday, June 27, 2009

Saturday Class Recap

Saturday classes are always fun with a good mix of out of town guests, guys that usually train in the evening joining the regular morning crew. We started the class with some light takedowns, techniques on the ground, situational sparing and regular training.
Today's techniques were based around the Knee-Through pass. To try defend the pass Jacare brought his left shin across Cobrinha's stomach. To counter this dedence Cobrinha uses this pass:
Say you are passing with your right knee trapping his right leg (not on the floor in half) and his left shin is across your stomach.
1. Slide your right hand between his legs and grab the top of his right pant leg at the knee, when you do this make sure you don't trap your own leg in the process.
2. With your left hand grab his right lapel and pull his upper body towards you
3. At the same time slide your knee out (slide backwards over his shin) and put downward pressure with your right shoulder on his left leg to kill his hips
4. When you get your knee out and your hip to the floor, maintain the pressure with your hands and walk up towards his head
5.Once you clear his legs turn your hips to face him, put your head on his chest and lift his legs up with your right hand (Should still be holding the bottom leg)and walk you right knee under his legs so he can't recompose
6. Left hand goes around the head to complete the pass

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