Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Tuesday Lunch Class Recap

- Today started with Jacare's yoga-ish warm-ups. It was refreshing.

- Today we covered three different submissions from the closed guard, all of which can be chained together.

- The first submission covered was the straight armbar from the closed guard. To start the move you grab the wrist of the top man with your opposite hand, and grab his elbow with your other hand, shifting your hips out to the side.

- At this point you post your foot on your opponent's hips in order to create the proper angle. You continue to move your hips up towards the shoulder of the arm you are attacking, and your shoulders towards the top man's hips.

- To finish the move you take your trailing leg and place it over your opponent's head. You squeeze down with the calves, and press up with the heels.

- If your opponent pulls out his arm being submitted you can immediately spin for the Omaplata. You do this by driving your hips back over your opponent's shoulders. Should your opponent spin into the Omaplata you can immediately go to the triangle.

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