Tuesday, June 23, 2009

7:30pm Class Recap

Today was the first day of our new GI and NO-GI schedule, well done to all the guys that remembered and the rest of you need to read the blog for all the info on the classes :)

Today's class focused on transitioning to the back from side control. From the traditional head and arm control Cobrin switches his hips and exposes Jacare's arm, with his right hand Cobrinha pushes Jacare's elbow across his body forcing him to give up his back. Cobrinha swiches to seatbelt grip and throws his top hook and pull Jacare to the otherside of his body to get the second hook. Cobrinha open Jacare's collar and begins to attack the neck, it would be difficult for Cobrinha to finish the choke at this angle with his left leg he puts pressure on Jacare's hip and pulls him to the other side.

Once on this side, Cobrinha releases the bottom hook, jumps his knee behind Jacare's head and pulls Jacare onto his lap. This new position increases the pressure of the choke and Jacare is forced to tap

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