Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Noon Class Recap

Today's technique was an addition to what was shown last night.

Starting in side control, Clinton has a very defensive posture with his arms tucked in. Jacare is controlling the position by grabbing Clinton's shoulder and driving his right shoulder into Clinton's jaw

To begin the attack, Jacare drives his weight forward applying more pressure with his shoulder forcing Clinton to turn and expose his arm.
To trap Clinton's left arm, Jacare feeds his left arm under Clinton's and grabs his own collar. With his right hand Jacare grabs Clinton's left wrist, then releases his collar and graps his own wrist (Kimora Grip)

Jacare slides his left leg up against Clinton's back, releases his right arm from around Clinton's head and steps over with his right leg

As Jacare sits back he brings his left knee up into Clinton's armpit to trap his arm.
To finish the armbar Jacare sits back, squezes his knees and raises his hips

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  1. This is the best blog post thus far. That Clinton guy is so cute. Is he single?