Monday, January 23, 2012

Rapid Fire Purples

In our latest installment of our in house tournament, our purple belts showed that the biggest difference between blue and purple belts is their ability to finish. Some expected to see some long matches and even stepped out for lunch as the tournament began, only to return with the event already over.

After some exciting finishes it came down to Joey Collins and Jim Brochu. Two men with very different games. Jim got into the final by his ability to set up chokes from odd angles while Joey relied on his leg locks to put him in the finals. After some back and forth between the two, Jim was the one who went for Joey's foot. Unfortunately for him, this played into the big man's game and didn't let the opportunity to exchange go to waste. After some resistance it was Jim who found himself tapping.

Congratulations to Joey Collins who booked himself a spot at Pan in March. Your registration is on us!

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