Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Fight For Your Belt Tournament - Blue Belts

In the second installment of our Fight For Your Belt Tournament our blue belts put on a great show! 21 competitors from our association came to fight for a purple belt.

Match of the day - Record Breaking 

We thought the white belts had some long matches, but Philipie Bitencourt and Dexter Rivers took it to a new level. Their first round match lasted 1 hour 46 mins and 25 seconds. An extraordinary battle that came to the brink so many time, but the guys always found some way to hold on. Well almost always.

Philipe went on to win that epic battle, and fought another 2 matches before falling to the eventual champion. Philipe ended up competing for a grand total of 1 hour, 55 mins and 47 seconds. Clearly he was exhausted!

After watching the marathon of a match Jacare decided that 37yr old  Dexter River had earned his purple belt. Even though he lost the match, a new belt is a nice consolation

New Purple Belt

Chris Nicolias fought his way to the top of the blue belt mountain on Saturday. Chris requested to delay his official promotion until he competes in the Pan in March. Hopefully Chris will have another dominating performance in Cali

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