Monday, January 31, 2011

Alliance Wins Europeans!!

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The European Open is now in the books and the powerhouse Alliance Team started the year where it finished 2010 with a win. Sergio Moraes won the Absolute and came in second to Braulio Estima in his medium-heavy weight category. Atos team closed out the Feather, while Aryzinho won his first major in the Super-feather in a huge upset over Bruno Malfacine. Alliance Double Lucas Lepri and Michel Langhi closed out the light weight while Claudio Calsans won the middle. Bernardo Rocha took the Heavy while Lucio Lagarto took the Super heavy. Brasa Teammates Rodrigo "Comprido" and Igor Silva closed out the Ultra heavy.

Ladies Results had Alliance double Gabi Garcia and Luanna Alzuguir once again close out the Absolute and won their respective categories. Oceane Talvard took the light feather, while Marina Medeiros won a tought category that included both Kyra Gracie & Leticia Ribeiro. Ida Hanson won the middle weight.

Photo courtesy Fabio Gurgel: Photo courtesy Fabio GurgelPhoto courtesy Fabio Gurgel

Complete results at
Academy results:
1- Alliance
2- Lloyd Irvin
3- Checkmat BJJ

1- Checkmat BJJ
2- Alliance
3- Brasa
Master and Seniors:
1- Checkmat BJJ
2- BJJ Revolution Team
3- Gracie Barra
1- Icon JJ Team
2- Checkmat BJJ
3- Nova União
1- Ilan Turjeman Academy
2- Rio Grappling Club
3- Brasa
Black Belt Male Adult
FIRST ary de melo farias Atos
SECOND bruno da silva falfacine Alliance
THIRD leando martins da silva Check Mat Bjj
THIRD ikuta makoto TRUST JJ
FIRST michael alexandre langhi Alliance
SECOND lucas lepri Alliance
THIRD jonathan torres Lloyd Irvin M.A Academy
THIRD toru nakayama Tri-Force
FIRST braulio de oliveira estima Gracie Barra
SECOND sergio ricardo de moraes Alliance
THIRD rodrigo fajardo Gracie Barra Europe
THIRD kleber de oliveira paulino Gracie Barra
FIRST bernardo augusto rocha de Alliance
SECOND leonardo pires nogueira Alliance
THIRD helvecio augusto penna neto De La Riva
THIRD igor araujo ferreira de castro Gracie Barra
FIRST sergio ricardo de moraes Alliance
SECOND claudio calasans Atos
THIRD bernardo faria Alliance
THIRD rodrigo cavaca Check Mat Bjj

FIRST Luana Alzuguir Alliance
SECOND Michelle Zonato Nicolini Check Mat Bjj
THIRD Beatriz de Oliveira Mesquita Gracie Humaita
THIRD Shanti A.D. Abelha Check Mat Bjj
FIRST Ida Josefin Hansson Check Mat Bjj
SECOND Priscilla Prandini Juni Check Mat Bjj
THIRD Rosalind Ferreira Gavião
THIRD Christina Jentsch Alliance
FIRST Gabrielle Lemos Garcia Alliance
FIRST Gabrielle Lemos Garcia Alliance
SECOND Luana Alzuguir Alliance
THIRD Beatriz de Oliveira Mesquita Gracie Humaita
THIRD Michelle Zonato Nicolini Check Mat Bjj

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