Thursday, August 19, 2010

Graciemag article - Las Vegas Open Standouts

by Deb Blyth — August 16, 2010.

Our good friend and Alliance Instructor in Texas was recognized by Graciemag as one of the standout competitors at the Las Vegas Open last weekend

In ultra-heavyweigth adult category, Stephen “Pesadelo” Hall from Alliance took gold in his division against Fabiano Lima Monteiro of Brazilian Top Team. At 39 years of age, he says he has to travel to find guys in his age group to fight, so he usually fights in the adult division. Hall, who is currently looking for a sponsor, says, “Next year I will be the oldest guy to medal at the Mundials in the adult division at 40!”

“I was disappointed in my showing at the Masters/Seniors in Rio this year,” Hall says, “I came in 3rd, but won it last year.” One good thing came out of it for him, “I’m happy to be the first black belt to medal in both the International Masters/Seniors and the Rio Open in the same year as a black belt.”

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