Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Fabio Gurgel Talks Steroids - Inside BJJ Interview

Article from - http://www.insidebjj.com/2011/04/20/fabio-gurgel-talks-steroids/

Inside BJJ recently contact Fabio Gurgel to get his perspective and response on the issue of steroid use and steroid testing in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Below is Fabio’s response. Special thanks to Fabio Gurgel and the Alliance Team for their cooperation.

Fabio Gurgels
“I wouldn’t comment Caio’s Terra interview ( I don’t think he deserves), but once that he mentioned Alliance instructors I will do it.

First of all, he mentioned many times about his students [competing] against top competitors, I don’t really know what students he is talking about, [I] never heard about any!

About being the most weak fighter in his division is not because he doesn’t take steroids, it can be just because he has the worst genetic (sic) in the sport, and it is really hard to fight against that.
I saw my guys training really hard everyday, sacrifice many things to be in best shape they can technically and physically. Who is Caio Terra to consider himself more technical than others? Just because he is small and weak, come on…

I never took any steroids in my life, and that’s what I tell my students to do. If this gentleman knows everything about everyone, he should point his finger and put out names. Don’t try to make the sport looks (sic) bad because this is not true. Probably some competitors take steroids but they are not the majority as he says. The guy that he mentioned indirectly in his interview after his fight at Pan Ams definitely doesn’t (sic) take.

If IBJJF wants to do the test, Alliance would support it 100%. If it doesn’t, we will still [be] fighting for the sport’s growth as we always did.”

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