Sunday, March 27, 2011

Alliance Women Dominating! - Graciemag Article

Absolute Luanna and Gabi

Besides being the category name, the term absolute is the perfect translation of the domination the Alliance duo exerts on the brown/black belt division.
Luanna Alzuguir and Gabrielle Garcia closed out the final of the 2010 Pan, the 2010 Worlds, the 2011 European Open and 2011 Pan, or in other words, all the championships they’ve entered together since last year.
“Gurgel says the ones who are most fanatical become champions. And there’s no one as fanatical as us two. We enter the academy in the morning and only leave at night,” said Gabrielle.
“Our training is quite varied. At the gym we have those who are good at pulling guard, those who sweep, those good at getting the takedown, those good at top position. So when we show up at a competition there isn’t much that surprises us,” added Luanna.
With a by, Luanna first finished Tammy Griego with a neck hold. In the quarterfinals she got another choke, this time over Vanessa Oliveira. The semifinal was a showdown with Beatriz Mesquita, winning 4 to 0.
Gabi, who suffered from high adrenaline that dropped her blood pressure during the first match, scored 5 to 0 over Katrina Weilbacher. Then, a slime 2-0 score over Fabiana Borges. To secure her spot in the final, Garcia caught Luiza Monteiro by the arm.
In the following video the two address the reasons for their dominance of the female division and the hardships they faced in the 2011 Pan.

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