Thursday, December 2, 2010

Letter From a Friend

Jacare received this email from our good friend and long time student Major Troy Thomas:


Hello, my Friend.  Can you believe it will be 10 years next month that I first came to the Prodo to train with you.  A lot has happened in that 10 years.  Three different schools.  Some health scares.  9-11.  The birth of my son, 10 more years of marriage (for us both), 3 total years deployed to war (8 different times), being promoted to Major in the Army.  Seeing the Army Combatives Program come full circle and continue to spread the Art of jiu-jitsu.  All this has been rewarding and/or life changing, and I'm glad that your have been a close friend through all of it.

One of the proudest achievement for me in this time is being promoted to Brown Belt by you.  I often tell people when they ask me why I stay with Jacare.  I always tell them, "Why would I go to another school when I'm already at Harvard?"  Thank you for everything, and to another 10 great years!!!

God Bless.

Your Friend and Student,


Please tell everyone hello from me.  I will see you sometime this summer when I get back.  I will then be moving to Montgomery Alabama some time in the middle of July. (Still close enough to come train once in a while.)

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