Friday, March 12, 2010

Lutador and Technique

Guys a reminder that the Lutador is this weekend. D.J. will be teaching a Saturday class at the regular time here at Alliance for everyone who does not compete. The camera is still broken so here is Jacare teaching a choke off of side control:

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  1. Atlanta Lutador 03/13/2010
    Several videos from today's event at Riverwood High. Shereen, Sarah, Julia, Matt, Brian, Bart and other Alliance competitors. Sorry I didn't get Darrin, Bob, Ian and others... My lady hung for 4 hours, had to go. I set up a FTP site but quality was not what I expected. Flip Ultra camera on Zoom lost a lot... should have used HD.

    When you get to YouTube link check out my videos, only todays action on this ID.

    It was a great time, some shots of Professor Jacare coaching!