Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Alliance Report from Adcombat.com

Some news from adcombat.com:

Alliance Report

Alliance leader Romero "Jacare" reorts that the team is already in full swing in preparation for the Pan '10 with both headquarters Atlanta and Sao Paulo in high gear. "Jacare" confirms that they will have top Black Belt fighters Malfa, Cobrinha, Langhi, Lucas, Sergio Moraes, Bernardo, Batista, Tarsis, Leo Nogueira, ladies Luana, Gabi along with Brown belts Ian,Jamanta, Gabriel, Michel Langhi,Darren, Guilhe competing at the event.

On March 31st their final stage of preparation, the training camp goes off.

Alliance Atlanta won again teh "Lutador" tournament (14th year in a row winning everything in that city) Ian McPherson won the pro 175p while Darren came in second losing to "Durinho" from Atos while Alec and Jordon dwon the purple and Jeff the blue.

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