Friday, March 26, 2010

Alliance News

Affiliates remember if you are sending people to the PanAms camp or to the competition email Jacare at so that he can keep a handle on everything. We would love to have everyone in Atlanta and in California. Please call us (404)843-0606 if you have any questions.

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Alliance Team In Full force at the Pan 2010

Romero Jacare confirms that his team is ready and will be at the Pan in force: "After lots of training and preparation the time for the truth is coming!" Stated the Alliance leader. "I believe we are at the top of our game and ready to shine again. Our Atlanta based team will be a strong integral part of the Alliance Team with Cobrinha, Ian, Jonathan, Alec, Darren, Jeff, Pedro, Jordon and a host of others leading the way. As I tell them preparation is key, it is better to train hard and suffer than to suffer in the tournament when it counts.

This following week we conduct out Pan Am Camp with Lucas Lepri, Rafael Rosendo, Steve Hall (Pesadelo) and a group of the association students participating. From Brazil Fabio brings our "tropa de elite" (elite troop) Malfacini , Michael & Michel Langhi, Sergio Moraes, Soluco, Leo Nogueira, Gabriel and others that will makes us ready to fight for the top."


Pan: Alliance wants Gracie Barra’s bases

By Marcelo Dunlap

One of the fascinating things about Jiu-Jitsu is that it’s an individual sport with a team sport quality to it. Thus, while thousands of practitioners today are training on their own thinking of the Pan (as well as others who don’t yet know they are going to compete), the teams are also out there outlining their plans to win the tournament to be held from the 8 to the 11th of April.

In the past five years, the adult division has been dominated by Gracie Barra, which won in 2006, 2007 and 2009. But the champion from 2008, Alliance, bets it will reconquer the trophy.

“The Alliance army is all set to invade California,” said Master Romero “Jacare” Cavalcanti in an e-mail sent by staff from the headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia. Jacare has helped lay out the team’s tactics from within the mat, where he has been training with the team.

“Our troops are ready for battle in Irvine,” continued the master. ”Training in both Sao Paulo and Atlanta is in the final stage, and in full swing. We have the utmost confidence in all our students. At the last World Cup, just the crew from the academy here in Atlanta alone scored nearly 40 points, of the total 132 points Alliance scored.”

“I believe that few academies have reached that marker (40 points), so we expect the best. Training sessions are going off here and I’m getting the wrong end of it,” he jokes.

“This weekend Lucas Lepri, Rafael Rosendo and students from all our team’s associates come in for our training camp. We’re all after the same goal, which is to help the team win the Pan, and then get the Grand Slam by winning the Worlds,” said the commander in chief.

“From Brazil, Malfacine Bruno, Michael and Michel Langhi, Sergio Moraes and other big stars from the team will arrive. From Atlanta, we’re taking Cobrinha, Ian, Alec, Darren, Jamanta, Jeff and others who already have experience and good results from major IBJJF competitions. After winning the Worlds and European (two years running) we know we’re the team to beat, but with all due respect to other teams, we always come to win. We carry a tradition of nearly 30, and this time it will be no different. With the reshaping and renewal of the team we are stronger and more united than ever,” says Jacare in finishing.

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