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In a submission-packed Jungle Fight, Sergio Moraes exits on the people’s shoulders

by Marcelo Dunlop — March 21, 2010.

Sergio Moraes brought Jungle Fight to a close, this Saturday night, with his back to the podium after taking a takedown. It was the happiest takedown of the Alliance fighter’s career, as it was applied by his tiny daughter, who was at the top of the ring sporting a white gi and orange belt to celebrate the categorical victory of her father.

In fact, Serginho’s performance was beyond reproach in the last fight of the night, overwhelming Peruvian opponent Etoube Manuelo in the ring, passing guard with ease, and from the mount, sinking a basic and efficient kimura.

“In this fight I fixed the main mistakes from my last participation in Jungle Fight, when I suffered my first loss in a hurry to finish. It made me lose some positions on the ground, and I ended up getting knocked out. Today I didn’t rush and got the victory. I even got the takedown! “he said into the microphone of reporter Paula Saack.

Serginho took the time to hail his class at COHAB 2 and partners from Alliance, and congratulated Wallid Ismail for his part in strengthening the sport in Sao Paulo, adding that martial arts practiced by the youth can keep people away from drugs and lower crime rates. For his well-meaning speech, it was no wonder that Serginho left on the shoulders of the people in the stands.

Another star of the night, also-local boy Claudio Godoy ran rings around another Peruvian, Fernando “Zopilote”, in the quickest-ending fight of the night. The hasty Edilberto Crocotá also finished his opponent skillfully, taking the opportunity to provoke the audience. ”Sorry, guys, but today Sao Paulo is all mine! Viva Bahia! ”

The Sao Paulo City Government confirmed four more Jungle Fights are on the cards over the next four months, to the delight of the fans and athletes present.

Jungle Fight 18
Pacaembu, São Paulo, Brazil
March 20, 2010

Sergio Moraes (Alliance) submitted Etoube Manuelo (Clube da Luta-Peru) via kimura at 4:06 min of R1

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